Building for the Future

On behalf of the Board of Director and staff of the Autism Society NWPA, we are proud to announce our vision of building a family center is happening.

We have outgrown our current space in multiple ways. First, our internal operation impinges because our office staff must work in the same space as our conference room and activities space. Understandably, this creates scheduling nightmares and infringes on our ability to work productively. Second, our programs have limited capacity and programming options with our current facilities. Additionally, the number of individuals and families we aim to help has expanded exponentially since we started AS NWPA 23 years ago. Though we have done well with our limited resources and finite reach, we know we can reach more families and provide more services in a new facility.

Our Facilities Committee did an outstanding job searching properties in Erie over the last 2 years for the perfect location. We are happy to announce it was found! The Autism society NWPA purchased 3308 State Street. The new building enables the Autism Society NWPA to develop and offer increased comprehensive programming to foster a positive and growth-focused environment for individuals on the spectrum, along with their families. The family center will be a safe, ADA accessible, and sensory-friendly location that is welcoming to all.

This endeavor will take a lot of support, manual labor, and financial contributions. Our Facilities Committee with the expertise of Wm. T. Spaeder Company held a volunteer demo day this past weekend. We had 28 volunteers donate 182 hours to clearing out the 1970 décor. We are finalizing renovation plans now. We plan to relocate summer of 2021.

By joining together, we can be a strong and united community. We will continue to empower individuals and families while creating better services and supports. Our new location will give us space to grow without having to relocate again. Offering a consistent location with reliable programming is integral for the well-being and progress of our families.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.



Tish Bartlett, Executive Director